Lavender Fields




We come from a culture of community here at Soap and Stuff 2020. Our family has lived and worked in the Killeen/

Fort Hood area for decades, living in harmony with and contributing to its rich farming center. With decades

of service both with and to the military and its families between us, we’ve chosen to continue that

tradition of care with Soap and Stuff 2020. 


Serving the Central Texas area and beyond, each product is not only hand-crafted, its ingredients are locally shopped and locally grown. You can find us at any local farmer’s market or expo rubbing elbows with our neighbors!

Each product is made of an assortment of essential oils, butters, clays, and herbs procured from other

small businesses in the area. Our community provides everything we need to create products that

nourish and repair its most precious feature-- YOU. 


Each product is handmade and can be further customized to fit your specific skincare needs. We even have everything you need to use and maintain the life of your products longer. Our products can be purchased

from our site a la carte or combined in any of our gift sets. And speaking of gift sets, always stay tuned

to our Instagram page for new holiday and seasonal releases!


From conception to your first use, we consider every detail. And why not? You take care of your community let

Soap and Stuff 2020 take care of your skin!